Thumbnail Model Images

I spent the better part of three weeks building two large models of the common park space of the intervention, and a sectional chunk model of the largest of the aquaculture buildings. In a later post I will upload photoshopped perspectives of these models, to give everyone a sense of scale. The larger has nine LED lights wired into the buildings in order to get realistic night-time renderings. The trees are made from sponges that I dipped in acrylic paint.

DSCF6106 DSCF6108 DSCF6109 DSCF6110 DSCF6112 DSCF6113 DSCF6114 DSCF6115 DSCF6116 DSCF6117 DSCF6123 DSCF6125 DSCF6126 DSCF6128 DSCF6130 DSCF6131 DSCF6132 DSCF6133 DSCF6136 DSCF6137 DSCF6138 DSCF6141 DSCF6143 DSCF6145 DSCF6146 DSCF6147 DSCF6172 DSCF6175 DSCF6177 DSCF6178 DSCF6179 DSCF6181

Stay tuned for systems diagrams, maps, and renderings.


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